The Sculpted House

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            Born 1944 in France, Jacques Lucas starts to paint in 1963 while still pushing studies of Art history, which leads him to a job at the Cultural Affairs Ministry. At the same time, he buys an ancient mansion in the region of Rennes which will become with time passing « The Sculpted House ».

         Autodidact in the practice of his art, his painting and sculpturing asset authoriting by means of contact with Edouard Pignon and his atelier in « la rue des arts » ( Paris ), and with Robert Tatin who is inspiring his first sculptures and paintings.

 Creation of more than 4000 paintings, suite of large formats: 300x200 on canvas and a many painted books.

               Principal subjects: the human body and animals, their transformations, their combinations, fugitive transcriptions of the real, phenomens of the memory and individual conscience, ideas of the new human mechanism, more adapted to the changing of the worldwide environment.

Jacques Lucas   "La Maison Sculptée"
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